Your month-to-month digital insurance.

Switch on and off your insurance only when you need it.
On-demand. Online. On your terms.

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You’re in complete control.

We give you the control to customise your cover, item-by-item.

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On your terms

Unbundled & flexible.

We offer unbundled insurance, which means you can pick & choose only the items you want to insure.

You also have the flexibility to switch on & pay for cover only when you need it.

Super Convenient

Insurance in your hands.


Sign up, add an asset & switch on cover in under 2 minutes.


No more phone calls, no paperwork. Everything is done in the app.

Claim in app

When life inevitably happens and you need to claim, it’s quick and easy in the app.

Save with dynamic premiums.

At the end of the month, you pay a premium based on how much you used your things.

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