Switch your gear insurance on and off.

Insure your favourite gear when you’re on the go and save when you’re not.

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it’s all in the app

Time saved. Zero effort.

From sign up to claim, everything is done in the app. It’s that simple.

Biking every Sunday morning? Now you can schedule the days you want cover on for.

Save when you’re not out beating your personal best

Only pay when you use it.

you’re totally covered

When you’re on the go.

Only pay for what you use.

We add up the days you’ve had your cover switched on and charge you at the end of the month. No bill confusion, no manual process - it’s all automatic.

Back from a golf day, or birding outing? Switch off your cover and save when you’re done using it. If you use your gear all the time, no problem just leave your cover on.

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